Democratic Party of Lazio: Conference on “Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and new jobs” – 15th October 2015

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The meeting on the new Italian “Jobs Act” established by the Matteo Renzi government aims to define concrete proposals concerning jobs, and professional training particularly for “Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)” of Lazio region.
The conference also presents the first analysis of the PD Lazio Commission’s “Lavoro e Formazione” (Employment and Training)” and the proposals made by focus-group which took place on July 9th, 2015 with entrepreneurs and PD members elected in Lazio administrations.

In the first phase of the meeting, small work-groups (work tables) will have discussions with the politicians in attendance.The themes to be discussed will regard:

  1. how to facilitate new hirings
  2. the role of the social economy in the creation of new jobs
  3. how to satisfy the requirements of enterprise in terms of workers’ skills. Especially in the digital field

After 4th October PD Lazio will communicate as soon as possible the theme of discussion of each table and each participant will be able to choose his table.
The spokesman of each table will have 5 minutes to explain the results to the conference members.
This event is the first step towards a more general initiative focused on job which will continue also on-line on the PD Lazio web site, in order to improve the relationship between politicians, citizens and business.


17:00 – Organization of work-groups
18:00 – Introduction, Bruno Scazzocchio coordinator of PD Lazio Commission “Lavoro e Formazione”
18:20 Presentation of results of work tables
19:00 – Speakers: Lorenza Bonaccorsi (member of Parliament), Renato Giallombardo, Annamaria Parente (member of Parliament), Lucia Valente
19:50 – Conclusions Fabio Melilli (member of Parliament), PD Lazio Secretary
Moderator: Giancarlo D’Alessandro

Conference location

October 15th, 2015 from 17:00
Partito Democratico, Via Sant’Andrea delle Frate, 16 – Rome

To partecipate

To participate please send an email to: segreteria@pdlazio.it  by October 4, 2015