October 15th, 2015 the “Jobs conference” of the Lazio Democratic Party – Interview with Bruno Scazzocchio

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Hello Bruno, could you introduce yourself?

After years of professional experience in Confindustria, for the the European Commission and as a director of the “Organismo bilaterale nazionale per la formazione”, currently I am Deputy Director of Fondirigenti.
I am an expert in jobs and professional training Confindustria, the Italian employers’ federation. I am the author of essays, publications and articles a national and an international level on jobs, demography, aging of the workforce, training, the European Social Fund, interprofessional funds, evaluation and monitoring of training, flexicurity, small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
I am also a freelance journalist.
My full resume is available online here  in pdf format.

What is your role in the Lazio Democratic Party?

Rather than talking about my role, I would say that I am at the service of PD Lazio by providing my professional skills and capabilities.
Since May 2015 I have been coordinating the “Lavoro e formazione” (“Job and training”) Commission  of PD Lazio.
Indeed, in the spring of 2015 the Democratic Party of Lazio decided to inaugurate a new way of doing politics with the goal of involving citizens, the business world and the professional in analyzing together on a variety of topics.
To date, there are 14 PD Lazio Commissions with hundreds of people, not only party members, reflecting together to come up with ideas and suggestions which will become part of future political proposals of the Democratic Party of Lazio.

What are the objectives of the “Job and training” Commission?

The subject matter of the Commission is very complex: the name itself implies partly outdated concepts. It is more appropriate to speak of “lifelong learning” (learning throughout the one’s life), because the themes of the Commission are close to those of Schools and Universities and their research and innovation programs. Italian industrial relations unfortunately have remained behind these themes and they are looking back rather than forward.
The Commission is therefore concentrating on a kind of “magic triangle”:

  • training;
  • research;
  • innovation.

Good training produces research. Research gives birth to innovation. Innovation in turn generates new training.
The Commission is working to develop this virtuous circle focusing especially on Lazio and small and medium-sized enterprises – SMEs – which often are not equipped to face the new challenges of globalization and are badly in need of support to move the process of innovation forward.

Which instruments does the Commission use?

The Commission meets regularly according to a public calendar.
The meetings involve party members, local government officials, MPs of the Democratic Party, entrepreneurs, and representatives of professional groups.
We also created two more specialized subgroups, “Social Economy” and “Digital Skills”, to focus our analysis more effectively.
Finally, we use “focus groups” that we meet to discuss in details special topics and this is a sort of discussion panel with entrepreneurs and politicians to address specific issues and identify problems that can be solved by working together.
The first focus group took place on July 9th, 2015 and concentrated on the following topic “Jobs crisis: what policies, tools and resources for Lazio?

Locandina def

On 15 October 2015, the Commission held its first public event, the conference “Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and new jobs” What exactly is this?

The meeting on the new Italian “Jobs Act” established by Matteo Renzi’s government aims to define concrete proposals concerning jobs, and professional training particularly for “Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)” of the Lazio region.
The conference also presents first analysis of the PD Lazio “Jobs and Training” Commission and the proposals made by its focus-group which took place on July 9th, 2015 with entrepreneurs and PD members elected in Lazio administrations.

In the first phase of the meeting, small work-groups (worktables) will have discussions with the politicians in attendance. The work-groups are:

  1. professional requirements and training
  2. digital skills
  3. social economy
  4. access tools
  5. new Jobs

In the second phase of work, the representatives of each table will have five minutes each to present the results in general discussion.

Which political representatives will be present?

The meeting will be attended by:

  • Lucia Valente, Region Lazio’s deputy governor for Jobs
  • Annamaria Parente, senator of the Democratic Party, and member of the Parliamentary Committee on “Labor and Social Security”
  • Lorenza Bonaccorsi, parliamentarian, president of the Lazio Democratic Party
  • Fabio Melilli, parliamentarian, secretary of the Lazio Democratic Party

The Commission also uses web-based tools in its work. What can you tell us about that?

All meetings of the Commission have been documented through fact sheets published on the website of PD Lazio.
The site contains also the main documents useful for our consideration.
Recently we created an “electronic forum” dedicated to the issues of the Commission.
Finally, our idea is that the event of 15 October is the first step towards a more general initiative focused on jobs, which will continue also on-line on the PD Lazio web site, in order to improve the relationship between politicians, citizens and business.

Thanks Bruno

Thanks to you


Bruno Scazzocchio

Commissione “Lavoro e formazione professionale” del PD Lazio